The Kaido Racer File Book
The Kaido Racer File Book
The Kaido Racer File Book
The Kaido Racer File Book

The Kaido Racer File Book

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The Kaido Racer File book, amazing print quality, and 144 pages of amazing content!

Note by publication:

The origin of the Japanese traditional "remodeling culture" is here. Car fans who are no longer interested in the current cars are paying attention to the cars that express the individuality of the Showa era: "old cars". Among them, old cars that were young and longing for youth, and remodeled cars that had been booming since then ... The so-called "Kaido Racer" has recently received a lot of attention. Specifically, "Glachan", which was once popular in the 70's, and the more extreme runaway on the first sunrise of the 80's. People who knew this culture and experienced those days, I started playing again as a hobby. This book is a collection of a lot of new interviews and photos taken to grasp the hearts of the core users. This is a book that has an editorial policy that touches the hearts of highway racer fans.


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