SKYLINE GT-R Story & History Volume.2
SKYLINE GT-R Story & History Volume.2
SKYLINE GT-R Story & History Volume.2
SKYLINE GT-R Story & History Volume.2
SKYLINE GT-R Story & History Volume.2

SKYLINE GT-R Story & History Volume.2

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SKYLINE GT-R Story & History Volume.2. A vast overview of the making and history of the Nissan Skyline GT-R. In depth interviews, back story, and machine coverage.


Publishers notes:


The world-famous Skyline GT-R (February 1969), which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019. The second collection of the preservation version memorial mook that revealed the birth and history of this famous Nissan car in the style of Chronicle (chronological history). Focusing on R32/33/34 type "second generation" GT-R, 8th generation born on May 22, 1989 ・R32 skyline to 9th generation R33 skyline and 10th generation including last 20th century GT-R Introducing the trajectory to R34 Skyline .

Chap.1 The Scene
~ May 1989 R32 Skyline presentation venue
~Racing SKYLIME GT-R & Group A's memory
Special Interview "Let's talk about GT-R in that era Part-1" by Kazuyoshi Hoshino / Masahiro Hasemi
~Racing Skyline GT-R Memory Part 2

Chap.2 Nissan Skyline & GT-R Trace Part-2
~Introduction of successive models
・8th generation R32
・9th generation R33
・10th generation R34
Special Interview "Let's talk about GT-R in that era Part-2" by Hiroyoshi Kato / Takao Matsumoto

Chap.03 Memoir Wangan Mid Night
~R32GT-R vs R33GT-R 1995 Autumn

Chap.04 Skyline GT-R PC Bros. Album

Chap.05 Skyline GT-R Story & History Vol.2
~ Successive Skylines> -R development story
・Episode.13 8th generation・R32 Skyline is born
・Episode.14 R32GT-R birth part 1
・Episode.15 R32 GT-R birth part 2
・Episode.16 Legend of Group A Skyline GT-R
・Episode.17 9th generation・R33 Skyline is born
・Episode.18 R33 GT-R birth
・Episode.19 R33 GT-R Gaiden
・Episode.20 9th generation・R34 Skyline is born
・Episode.21 R34 GT-R birth
・Epilogue The end and beginning...

In addition, many developer talks, interviews and columns...
Comments from publishers
In Vol.2 after Vol.1, focusing on the "second generation" GT-R of R32/33/34 type,
From the 8th generation R32 skyline born on May 22, 1989 to the 9th generation R33 skyline,
And the trajectory to the 10th generation R34 skyline including the last GT-R in the 20th century,
I will introduce based on the photos and impressions of those days.
Starting with the success in Group A, challenging the 24 Hours of Le Mans, playing in the GT Championship, etc.
Also draw the "Racing Skyline Trail".
The second part of the second half, the development story was once serialized in Holiday Auto magazine
Based on "Skyline GT-R Story & History" (December 2006-December 2007)
Recorded with extensive additional coverage and reconstruction. Supervised by Nissan and others,
We will give you a "completely preserved version".
This is a complete conservative edition with 24 pages more than Vol.1 with new coverage and treasured photos.
It will be released on May 22, which is the same as the announcement date of R32 31 years ago.