GT Memories - Nissan Silvia
GT Memories - Nissan Silvia

GT Memories - Nissan Silvia

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Notes from publisher:

Specialty cars that were born in the 1980s and are still popular today One-make MOOK series "GT memories" . The first is the S13 Silvia. A introduction to sports driving Sylvia's, all about the profile, which was a huge hit as a car. Fans Of course, it is a preserved version that is also recommended for old car fans.

■ Vehicle overview

■ Grade composition Q's & J's early model K's late model Q's late model CONVERTIBLE Another specialty 180SX

■ Technology Drive system & suspension engine Specifications

■ Chronology SILVIA 1965-2002 SILVIA COLUMN1 1st generation Silvia SILVIA COLUMN2 Rival is Prelude SILVIA IN JARI (race track) SILVIA with Professional

■ Motor Magazine Archives Specialty Sensation (from the July 1988 issue) Silvia vs Prelude (from the August 1988 issue) Choose our cars (from the February 1989 issue) Silvia K's / 180SX test drive (from April 1991 issue) Full Stage Test Silvia K's (from July 1991 issue) Stray car selection Silvia or 180SX (from the October 1991 issue) SILVIA COLUMN3 Mitsuoka Motors La Sade
SILVIA COLUMN 5 Nissan Heritage Collection
SILVIA COLUMN6MM Style Silvia original T-shirt
■ Materials
Public Relations Material (May 1988)
S13 type Silvia 1st catalog (issued in May 1988, when S13 Silvia was released)