CARBOY Returns! Volume 3
CARBOY Returns! Volume 3

CARBOY Returns! Volume 3

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CARBOY Returns! ver.3 Note from publication:

"CAR BOY" that created the TUNE frenzy is back!

From old-fashioned startling machines to the latest machines that are revived in modern times...
With a history of more than a quarter of a century, it is handed down to the present
"CARBOY Returns!", a collection of TUNING culture

Just saying "it was a good time" doesn't end there... There are things
Human power was the driving force behind the movement called tuning...

In "ver.3", the appearance of HKS ZERO drugs started
Japan's Zeroyon Front has reached a major turning point
"Man who longed for PRO STOK".
Drifting GP weaving from the beginning of Genesis GP
Focusing on the drift pattern "Drift GP Sengoku period",
The concept of car play in Japan has changed a lot
Looking back on the domestic machine culture from a unique perspective

Also, unlike most popular magazines so far
Achieve strong cooperation with websites
Suggest a new style magazine

● Rise of JAPAN Pro Stock
●SPORTS CAR strategy to ride for 10 years
Doricon GP Sengoku period
●Tune Factory Retsuden
●human beeing craftsmanship
● L-shaped situation 2020 of man
● CARBOY 30-year-old “feature product”