Showa Old Car Custom Graffiti Vol. 2
Showa Old Car Custom Graffiti Vol. 2
Showa Old Car Custom Graffiti Vol. 2

Showa Old Car Custom Graffiti Vol. 2

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Showa Old Car Custom Graffiti Vol. 2 book has amazing print quality and content!

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The 80s & '90s Neo Classic Extra Large!!

"Showa old car custom graffiti" was published in September last year. In this second issue, we mainly introduce old cars from the '80s and '90s called "Neo Classics", which have a large number of vehicles and users.
We will pursue its charm and the lifestyle that you can enjoy with old cars.

- '80s & '90s custom revived in the 21st century
Based on the old car, adults add the essence of "my style" and modify it.
Carefully selected 21st-century custom old cars created by them all over the country.
Regardless of the category, such as high so cars, VIPs, Wangan runners, loop lines, etc., we will introduce attractive cars with new photos.
Example) Soarer/MARKII/2000GT/Cresta/Crown...

● Six-wheeled old car life ~Enjoy old cars with cars and bikes~
There are many users who love not only cars but also motorcycles, and own both old cars.
A close-up of an enthusiast who enjoys such an old six-wheeled car life. We will also introduce their lifestyles such as garages.

How to protect beloved old cars (security research) / Old Showa cars from across the sea / Enjoying '80s & '90s music with car components / Riding old cars comfortably and happily with the latest items!! / Tabletop Showa old car custom Graffiti (plastic model/minicar project)