GT-R MAGAZINE November 2019
GT-R MAGAZINE November 2019

GT-R MAGAZINE November 2019

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  • Showa (44) In 1969, PGC10 Skyline GT-R (commonly known as Hakosuka GT-R) debuted, and this year when it reached a major milestone of just 50 years, On September 14th
  •  “R's Meeting 2019” hosted by GT-R Magazine  held at Fuji Speedway.
  • In this issue, as well as delivering the pattern as a bulletin, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our birth and look back on the history of half a century.
  • We featured a project that reminds us of the future GT-R image. The title is “Reunion and Oath”.
  • First of all, the R32 Skyline GT-R `` STP TAISAN GT-R '' that participated in the legendary race `` All Japan Touring Car Championship (Group A) '' unforgettable for GT-R fans,
  • At that time, “Dorikin” who held the steering wheel, Mr. Tatsuya Tsuchiya reunited in Fuji after a long time! He held the steering wheel and talked about the unforgettable memories of the “Golden Age of GT-R” and the impact of the R32GT-R on Dorikin Tsuchiya. In addition, from the first Hakoska
  • Furthermore, the GT-R development managers of each generation named R32 / R33 / R34 from the first Hakoska, and the current model R35 met together.
  • celebrating the 50th anniversary and expecting the future GT-R.
  • Mr. Tatsuya Tsuchiya & active Nissan ace driver Tsugio MatsudaThe R35GT-R NISMO 2020 model Fuji impression is also included.On the bulletin page of R's Meeting 2019, from the event report, each manufacturer / shop booth introduction (87 companies), etc.,Not only those who came on the day, but also those who could not visit, we deliver a sense of presence on the day!
  • [Other content]
  • "Breaking the R33 chassis more than a new car" BCNR33/ Backstage of NISMO Heritage / TRUST GReddy 34RX
  • Final round "/ Nissan New Skyline Rapid Test Drive" / R35GT-R Domestic and overseas race report etc.