G-Works November 2019
G-Works November 2019

G-Works November 2019

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  • Decrease the vehicle height with the reproduction wheel! Hakosuka with TC24
  • Extremely short cars with reprinted Star Shark !!Appeared in response to the voice of a core old car fan! A Star Shark with a rim width of 12J was added from the Chorin Project.
  • Hakosuka equipped with OS GIKEN twin cam TC24For the tuning of the most popular Hakosuka in the old car, there are various types such as L type and S20, but this time we will introduce one with the exceptionally hot "TC24". I asked the owner about the reasons for introduction and difficulties of Hakoska late vs Kenmeri early
  • Sticking Shakotan Showdown! The only monthly magazine !? AE86 series planning
  • King Hachiroku S20 produced by Testarossa Ishikawa
  • Kemeri GT-R with full tune TRUST fascinated by GReddy-RX
  • Strong approach to RB26
  • Layton House Tomei Sunny
  • Zeroyon Factory Street DRAG-Z Carburetor of the month
  • Keihin FCR Cab
  • Everyone's carburetor [Know the type of cab]
  • "Four basic knowledge" to enjoy riding in old cars
  • Privater Hyakumonogatari ~ AE70 Sprinter ~
  • Homebrew / Repair